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Rustic Patriotic Needle Art Hearts!


Hello! Welcome to my store! I'm a crafter in the area of the Majestic Purple Mountains of Colorado! I love needlepoint, embroidery, quilting and sewing! My creations are mostly one of a kind, unless something wonderful strikes my fancy, and then I might just have to make more! My love for crafting began with my Mother, where we spent hours creating beautiful gifts for the next craft fair! I like creating small tokens of appreciation, birthday gifts, whimsical creatures and characters....JOYOUS HOLIDAY DECOR.... It's all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness! So, kick off those shoes, take a seat, and enjoy the ride!

Independence Day Garland!
Whimsical Mad Hatter Miniatures!
Vintage Style Christmas Balls!
Needlepoint Mini Pillows!
Needle Art Rose Brooches!